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VIDEO: Jon Taught Me To Feel

Today is Jon’s birthday.

In the internet world, we constantly edit what we want everyone to see of our lives. It is a blessing and a curse. I edit even this very sentence I’m typing because I know you – whoever you are – will read it and make a judgment of it.

I just want to be fair to all of you fine folks that follow me and share that life is just as tough as it is beautiful. Jon taught me so much about all these things. I thanked him a good deal when he was alive and I’ll be thanking him for the rest of the time I’m alive for what he gave me.

If you want to honor Jon today :

– Listen to a record and read all the credits and really think about the album art.
– Eat something good and if possible, a good old-fashioned hamburger.
– Find your nearest skuzzy dive bar and patronize the hell out of it. Play pool if available. Play jukebox, no questions asked.
– Inspire another person to believe in themselves.

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting a blog about Jon & grief & living. Come back and see me.

Volunteers : Drinkable Cannabis?



Oh – the difference a step into the light and the whip of your hair can make.

In other news, I received an interesting pitch today from a company that makes drinkable cannabis.

So! Would any of you fine folks be interested in (or horrified by) joining a small panel to try out some drinkable cannabis?

You’ll have to be photographed, filmed, and fed (I would assume I’d have to at least provide you with snacks and a fairly worn-in couch) all in the name of very curious reporting for Young Mary’s Record.

If you’re the bad kind of weirdo or if you have ever used the word “bro-sef”, just ignore this post.

PS. I won’t be drinking it. I only drink 2 liters of Mello Yello and sweet tea out of mason jars.


LOOK: Mall Walker


Hi from the …mall?

I just narrowly avoided an impulse purchase of white skinny jean overalls.

What I didn’t narrowly avoid is my #ruling vintage Mickey Gilley’s shirt from Vintage Banana Clothing!

What are your favorite non-mall vintage or boutique stores? Looking for fresh blood!

Talk Shop: Appalachian Couture

If y’all enjoy the part of me that’s unapologetic-y country bumpkin & that I wear the modern pride of the south like a badge of honor —

Or if you just dig carefully curated clothes, accessories, and housewares with a focus on only the most RULING vintage, handmade, and boutique edition wares —

Please follow my lifestyle brand :

!! Appalachian Couture !!

Lots of updates this week! Y’all ready to have some fun with this ol’ gal?


Weekend Warrior: Hell’s Angels Edition



✔️ suspenders
✔️ cut offs
✔️ no nonsense heels
✔️ (made comfortable by) matching socks
✔️ rad #suppport81 tee by way of the red & white
(Thanks Sean Maguire!)
✔️ perfect weekend tunes?



Rest in Peace, Piper

mary and piperIn a world where no person *has* to be nice to anyone else – especially a very famous, legendary person – Rowdy Roddy Piper was a true gem to Jon and me at Wrestlemania last year.

It’s at times like these when I wonder why God or Fate or whatever is responsible seems to be taking every single good one we have.

I will miss Piper’s tweeting of “Sunday Morning Coming Down” every Sunday and so so so much more than that

May you wear your cleanest dirty shirt on to the next plane of existence, Rowdy.

#dangthatsagoodtune : John Moreland


It’s that day again. ‪#‎dangthatsagoodtune‬ Thursday !

I dare you to say this ain’t the best thing you’ve heard all day. Double dog dare you.

Folks — John Moreland !


Trippin’ — Wrap-Up Social Posts from Across the Pond

stonehenge by misty

“This pic is real Wednesday Adams of ya, Mary.” – Misty Swain Jennings.  Photo provided by Misty.  Stonehenge rocks provided by aliens.

spa hotel heartburn

You may think this is what the good life looks like — it is — but it is also what horrific English breakfast sausage-induced heartburn looks like.    Good morning from the Spa Hotel in Kent, UK.

sj at crown jewelsWe visited the Crown Jewels in London.  Our maturity level was at an all-time high.

ramblin manHi from one-armed me at the Ramblin’ Man Fair.  Two thumbs up for the festivities and line-up including Shooter Jennings, Bob Wayne, & Jason and the Scorchers.

packing to go homeAnother morning. Another adventure.  Hello from Manchester and my vintage Samsonite bag that has done me oh-so-good over the years.

lees bellyAs it turns out, rednecks are alive and well far out of Kentucky.  This is Lee’s belly. Lee was a joy.


Just spent the last two hours in Heathrow Airport’s loneliest gate.  Vintage bocephus shirt provided by the hand-me-downs of my dear Uncle Lee.

homein bed     What a difference 24 hours makes.  Home sweet home — and you can thank me for absolutely nothing for the next few days.

NOMS: Fuji Hiro

leeds soup

We didn’t expect this delicious miso soup to be in Leeds, England!

Really.  Might be the best I’ve ever, ever had.  Get your ‘nom on if you’re in the area — highly recommended.  Thanks, Fuji Hiro!

Noms by : Fuji Hiro !



the coke over here just ain’t cutting it.

Just in case you were wondering, they go real cheap (and by cheap I mean non-existant) on the high-fructose corn syrup over here.  They don’t – however – go cheap on the fresh fruits and veggies.  Give and take.