Wish-List for My Music Man: Fender Coronado Bass


Since I’ve had alot of heavy “girly” posts on here, I thought I’d start posting about things that my very masculine boyfriend Aaron wants this holiday season.  He wants things over the year.

In case you don’t know, Aaron is the frontman for garage-pop band: The Black Shades — and just like his great taste in music, he has pretty sweet taste in gear.  He buys instruments and amps and equipment that I enjoy browsing as a non-musician.

This little gem is something Aaron showed me earlier.  I’ll let him explain more what it is and why it has a price tag of $3000+ - but it is a beauty.  Plus, Aaron explained that the same guy that designed this also designed the Rickenbacker 4003 bass.


Aaron’s Thoughts:

What It Is: “1968 Fender Coronado Bass”

Why It Is Cool: “Do you know anybody that has one?”

Why It Costs Over $3000: “This bass was only made for two years and only a few were in that color.  Duh.”

What “kind” of musician would play this: “A self-aware bass player with a fat college residual check. Or me if I had the money.”


In the event that you have an extra $3000+ lying around after so many great Black Friday savings, you can view the Ebay listing: HERE.