The Sweetest!: Adorable Crochet Work from The Legendary Skunk

Just under the wire for Valentine’s (reminder, ladies and gents, you can be lovey-dovey on many other days of the year besides February 14!), I received an email featuring all these great crochet pieces from Ashley Price (Etsy store: Legendary Skunk found HERE.)

I am coveting this So So Sweet crocheted heart necklace (only $15!) to wear all year-round  How cute would this accessory be to a lose tank top this summer or flowy dress this spring?  It’s quirky and romantic, just the way I like the keep things.

And last, but certainly not least, the adorable crocheted mushroom.  Ashley explained she created this as part of the “application” to a job she’s trying to land.  Tell the hiring team to come at me for a hearty reference — I’ll vouch for your great style and craftiness.  And I’m a blogger….we know stuff.  ;)

As I said, feel free to view more of Ashley’s work on ETSY, or fan her on FACEBOOK.  I only expect to see her DIY/Crafty entrepreneurship continue to develop and become a major success.  Keep going!

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