5 Reasons to Come See Me At Lebowski Fest

by: Kentucky Prophet.

(photo by Jackie Osborne Photography.)

  1. Behold My Lengthy Mane

It has been years since I have graced the Lebowski Fest stage. Every time I’ve played there (three times thus far) I’ve had relatively short hair. If you come to the 2013 Fest, you will see my gorgeous, long, centaur-like mane. You will behold me and my Fabio-like hair. You will put on the cover of romance novels, as you should.

(photo by Kayla Dowdy.)

  1. I Have New Songs To Play

The old school Kentucky Prophet hip-hop is largely gone. No more rapping, but much more singing. Less hip-hop, more indie rock. Wouldn’t it be stupid if I had nothing new to play after all these years away? What am I, Foghat?

  1. I Do Not Have A Stupid Louisville Beard

This indie-rock coal miner look is awful and I refuse to have it. Besides, it would distract from my excellent long hair.

  1. I Will Play The Piano Like A Gentleman

I have been told that my piano style is “neolithic”. Then I looked up “neolithic” and found out what it meant. Essentially, someone told me I play piano like someone from the Stone Age. That is a gross misconception. I play piano like a gentleman, even though I lived in the forest well into my teens and didn’t speak or write English until my mid-twenties.

(photo by Solidarity Photography.)

  1. Others Things Are Happening After I Get Done

For example, once I am forcibly removed from the stage, I will be replaced by Kyle Gass and his Band. Kyle is apparently a member of the group Tenacious D, which from what I’ve been told is a group of video and film artists. To conclude the Friday festivities, a screening of the 1998 movie “The Big Lebowski” will take place. Then there will be more festivities the following day but by then, I will be almost certainly be out of town.

For more information about Lebwoski Fest and to join in on the fun this weekend, hit their official website HERE and like ‘em on Facebook: HERE.

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5 Reasons I was a Boob for Ignoring Lucas Goularte of Thee Japanese School Girls


(photo by Jessica Seifert, provided by TJSG)

For someone that prides themselves on being open-minded, not easily swayed by the popular vote or the unpopular vote;  I really screwed up with Lucas Goularte.   I pride myself on knowing what’s great.   It’s like my shtick.   And last week, I sat in the upstairs of Tidball’s in Bowling Green, KY, my legs and arms hanging over the rafters, completely betwixt by Lucas as he held me, and a hearty crowd of fans in the palm of his hand. 

The reason I hadn’t really given Lucas time was simple.  Thee Japanese Schoolgirls have a ‘jam’ bent to their sound.  And jam bands are something I struggle with.  I like my musicians to go in and kill me.  Beat me up.  And jam bands, with their guitar riffs and long runs, are too gentle with me.  I have trouble loving them because I’m a musical masochist and they just don’t give me enough pain.  Thus, when TJSG played, I was a shithead.  I left.  Or didn’t go at all.  And that was dumb.  Very dumb.

Here’s five reasons I jotted down in my phone during Lucas’ live performance that made me further and further aware of how big of a boob I was for ignoring him:


(photo provided by TJSG)

1. Lucas gives you songs and a sermon. 

In the first few minutes of the set, Lucas had not only swooned the audience into his melodies and familiar tunes that his local fans obviously knew by heart, but he’d also gone on these very charming, succinct tangents between songs about like..important, good stuff.  Which is shocking. He mentioned the vinyl resurgence of today - encouraging folks to buy music, tangible goods.  He encouraged everyone to meet a stranger.  Talk to whoever was beside you.  He repeatedly expressed his love for Bowling Green, the music community, the bar.  It was like grassroots without being contrived.  If he was selling snake oil, I would have bought it. (A really great merch concept that I think you should steal, TJSG.)

2. Lucas gives away presents through the entire set.

It ain’t like he was giving away Rolex watches and champagne, they were weird little toys.  Books.   All from a weird little bag that Lucas returned to over and over again.  I got a serving bowl shaped like a toucan and a Chik-Fil-A watch in the shape of a cow, and a tiny Rainbow Brite figure.  But I loved the living heck out of those presents. 

And it’s a brilliant practice.  In a world where musicians are truly having to ask for help (monetary and otherwise) directly from their fans to stay afloat — it is pure genius to give away even the tiniest things at every show.   The fact that Lucas curates the bag of goodies to be like the Land of Misfit Toys of gifts is an additional help.  Giving a new life and a special meaning (“I got this cow watch at TJSG show at Tidballs last summer!”)  to objects that might have otherwise been dumped in the trash or left to rot at a Goodwill is really a commentary on how we should treat and respect all musicians.   Little gesture.  Big impact. 

3. Lucas has a stage presence that is arena-big.

In theatre classes, you learn the importance of how you use the stage.  Your space. To assess that space, no matter how small or large and use it properly with your body language to get whatever message across.  I don’t know if Lucas took theatre or if he just read about it, or if just naturally “gets” it as some frontmen do, but he dominated the stage.  Like Hulk Hogan. (I’ve been watching a lot of wrestling.)  He knew when to talk, when to joke, and when to fight (sing/play) .


(photo provided by TJSG)

4. Lucas was the center of the crowd’s attention.  The whole time.

At one point in the set, Lucas had the entire crowd jumping up and down in unison with him.  You don’t see that alot at Tidball’s.  That kind of control.  I’m not suggesting that audiences don’t love the bands.  But I haven’t seen control like that with any of the other local bands (with exception to ones that have skyrocketed and become signed, professionals) — in a long time. 

5.  Lucas referenced Surge.

Yeah, the psychotic drink that came out years ago and then was discontinued.  I’m a Mello Yellow person.  I can drink those all day and feel not a hint of caffeine buzz.   Two sips of Surge made me feel like a crack addict.  (Assumption.)   Humanity just wasn’t ready.

Oh and also: Here’s a live video of the song, Bottom of the Bottle from YouTube.  I should probably mention in my list above that Lucas is a great vocalist and there are a few songs (should be more!) that really showcase his control and range. 

To check out Thee Japanese Schoolgirls and see the greatness that is Lucas and not continue being a boob like I’d been:

Hit them up on Facebook: HERE.


Dig on Young Mary’s Record?  Don’t just sit there, bust a like.

In Photos: Adventure to Eastern Kentucky

I was recently privileged to embark on a fun little road trip to the hills and hollers of Eastern Kentucky.  I broke out my cowboy boots and Jon broke out his excessively tall-brimmed cowboy hat.  Cowboy up.


The occasion for the trip was the Knott Country Trail Ride — where our dear friend Shooter Jennings was playing to a crowd of  - we heard - over 4,000 attendees on the top of a Knott County mountain.  One of my favorite part of Shooter’s set is when he sits down at the piano.  It’s a time when an artist does something on stage that is meant to bring a mounting (pun?) intimacy between the audience and themselves — and it actually works.  Whether you’re at the side of the stage or 50 feet away in the darkness of the crowd,  you feel like you’re with Shooter in his living room as he tinkers away on the ol’ ivories.  It’s just real and just good.


Post festivities, we shacked up at the beautiful cabin of  Wesley Fields - a Hazard, KY native that is wonderful and crazy — the type of crazy that comes from being too smart for your own good.  The type of crazy that is requirement to be friends with us.  It was late and dark and I didn’t entirely realize what a lovely, lovely home I was being hosted in until the next morning.  All I knew was there was a seemingly endless supply of Ale-8-One, an expansive collection of Kentucky Wildcat memorabilia, country music records, and that we got fed some meat.


When the morning (afternoon) — finally came, I crept outside in my sock feet.  It was bright, but wet and cool — from the night’s rain outside.  Perfect porch-sitting weather and a perfect porch.  Did I mention that Wesley built this all himself?  As it turns out, do-it-yourself gumption it still alive and well in Eastern Kentucky, y’all.


Perfect porch swing, as expected, on perfect porch.  It was so green that morning outside the cabin.  I wanted to swing and close my eyes and smell the outdoors.  I felt like a dang tree-huggin’ hippie.  Had I forgotten what nature was like?  Either way, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a wonderful feeling.


Wesley’s home - in addition to being beautifully built — was filled with so many lovely things.  He’s a collector and an old soul, like me — and his love for the tangible things of the past (and in turn their very important history) went straight to my heart.   There were horns over the entryway..


There was a Door Push — with the Kern’s Bread logo — one of my favorite things in the whole place…  They’re rare advertising pieces of the past — and the more obscure the brand on it, the more valuable.   So neat to see a Kern’s Bread one.


Inside, there was an entire cabinet filled with Ale-8-One memorabilia (and Wesley was kind enough to send us home with an Ale-8-One crate) — a case of knives, and numerous vintage curiosities and odds and ends at every corner..


.. like on this supporting beam — a perfect place for a cross and a bottle-opener..


…even Wesley’s cooler was all personality.  He’s a guy that puts who he is right there for you to see and this world could use a whole lot more of that. 


Wesley, below : Kentucky cap, cane, and bathrobe.  Jon, below: excessively-tall and feathered cowboy hat that induces so much swagger you can’t remember what else he was wearing.  Awesome distressed couch.  The caption should so eloquently read:   “They do what they want, damn it.  Whenever they want to, damn it.”


Huge thanks to Wesley and his lovely lady, Donna Lou, for hosting us for the night. 

Dig on these pretty thangs?  Don’t just sit there, bust a like.