First in a series!

Young Mary’s Record Presents : All I Need is One Mic Night!

WHO : Crazy ass performances from Gavin Ellis Wilkinson and Maggie Gard  (Bears of Blue River), Sean McConnell (Cold Country), Jordan Reynolds & Nathaniel Rhys Davis (Buffalo Rodeo) and an OPEN MIC for anyone brave enough to follow!

WHAT: Acoustic performances from featured artists curated by YMR Presents specifically for a bad ass night and drankz and pizza

WHERE:  Molly Shannon’s Irish Pub


WHY: I believe in certain talented, brilliant, hard-working artists.  I bring them to you.  I ask that you be an attentive, cool-as-shit audience and listen to some sweet tunes.  Everyone’s Happy!


My New Favorite Hang-Out: BG Pipe and Cigar

Another one of those things that I can thank Matt Pannell and Buy Local BG for — acquainting me with Bowling Green Pipe and Cigar.  The eternal non-smoker, I went to meet him downtown to talk shop at the smoke shop and was amazed by how happy I was in the environment.

Were there lots of dudes? Yes.  (There were women, too, less of them, but COOL women.) Smoke? Yes.  And was it the least bit uncomfortable? No.

There were drinks, and comfy couches and chairs, and a beer club meeting.  Familiar faces and unfamiliar faces that were approachable and keeping it cool the way cool is supposed to be.

Aaron bought a new pipe and tobacco. 

I shot the shit with various local folks on everything from music to politics (locally and beyond) to art and literature. 

I didn’t want to tell you about it.  I wanted to keep it a secret.  But it just isn’t fair.  Go have a few drinks, take a smoke, and visit this place.  Young Mary Approved, Endorsed!

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Young Mary Sneak Peek: The Twisted Tap


I watched one of those TED online seminars about leadership and the lecturer said something that really stuck with me about today’s economy and how people chose where to do business.  ” People don’t buy what you’re doing, people buy why you’re doing it.”  

The lecturer used the example of Apple and the mass following of their products.  You don’t think of Apple and think “man, they sell great computers.” — you look at Apple and think “man, that is an innovative company…and they sell great computers..and mp3 players..and phones…and….” 

It was only yesterday that I watched that TED video and at lunch time today, I watched this motto be put to use on a local level.  I am now, at least, enamored with The Twisted Tap and the “WHY” of their venture and how it could start them off a path in becoming one of our town’s most-loved bars.

I met owner Marc Maggard for lunch in the new spot.  First, let me express my love with a photo of some of the menu offerings:

Jalepeno Crab Cakes with Cilantro Aioli  = $8.50    Andddddd…..

Chicken Alfredo Angelhair Pasta with the CUTEST little mini Garlic Breads: $10.75

Well, that settles that, doesn’t it?  Best bar food I’ve had in a LONG while.

A quick, efficient list of WHY you should give this place a hearty try:

- This bar is run by MUSICIANS, which means they give a shit about the following:

       * State of the Art Sound

       * State of the Art Lighting

       * Straight Talk in regards to pay

       * Discounts for Musicians who eat/drink there

- This bar has FILLING, DELICIOUS FOOD, which means you could order, for example :

       * BBQ Wings, extra crispy!

       * Smoke Salmon Appetizer, GOD YES

       * Cajun Chicken Melt

       * Like a blue million other things.

There will, of course, be naysayers to the new place and I’ve heard more than one skeptic (and within their right) to question whether the booking process will be bias because of the musicians that run the place. (Bias as in—won’t leave room for other people to play but their own acts and friends.. continue to paragraph below!)  But I will say that, thus far, Marc has been open to listening to ideas and impressed me with his own.

For EXAMPLE, starting next week — The Twisted Tap will  be working with this blog, The Black Shades, and other local indie bands to put together a FREE weekly indie night — (bands this doesn’t mean youre playing for free…) on Wednesdays.  Open to all genres that are ready to work and interested in showcasing their music!  Contact me ( for more details, if you’re so inclined.

My advice?   We, as a community that cares about live music, HAVE to take a chance on folks like those at The Twisted Tap to keep growing our community and making it stronger.  Try ‘em.  Just try ‘em.