In Photos : Young Mary’s Birthday Bonanza & All The Beautiful People

I was privileged enough to host a birthday bonanza and show at the Buffalo Rodeo home earlier this month — and more privileged to have so many wild and beautiful friends.  Oh, and that the talented photographer Justin Blodgett was there to capture them for me. 

Why YMR loves this:  He IS Fall.  It’s almost as if he and Nature talked about their outfits before they went out.

Why YMR loves this:  His expression, followed by realizing he’s holding a glass of bee…water?

Why YMR loves this: Her face is naturally beautiful.

Why YMR likes this: Backward ball cap.  And these are troubled youth, surely.

Why YMR loves this: It was my birthday!  I’m holding the beer, not because I drank any, but because it matched my outfit.

Why YMR loves this: Suspenders. Patterns. Marlee’s (right) jacket. Style Icons, the both of them.

Why YMR loves this:   Their whole LOOK.  The sweet couple behind Buffalo Rodeo.  

Why YMR loves this: Everyone should be less afraid of mixing brights and just wearing them in the winter!

Why YMR loves this:  No kidding, this guy is one of my favorite dressed men in this old college town.  And he’s also a super-talented member of Morning Teleportation.  Great style comes from great brainz.

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SWOON: Red & Vintage

SWOON is a Young Mary’s Record Series created for quick posts dedicated to things that made me go “ahh” -  Today’s SWOON is RED and Vintage. 

I’ve spent the greater part of the last 48 hours hemming and hawing over this dress after having found it on Etsy.  It’s small — and I’m small — but the measurements are right in that special zone where I *could* fit in it or it might just be a *tad* too snug.  And I’m scared to take the $165 risk.

That being said, it’s chiffon!  And full lined!  With a black metal zipper!   And so beautiful — even if sharing it, takes it from the e-window where I gaze lovingly at it, I share it anyway.

Just gorgeous.  Swooooon.  To get this dress for yourself or for someone else extra small with great style or for a blogger you really like that swoons over it (nudge, nudge!) Hit the link: HERE to view this on Calendar Girl Vintage's Etsy Store.

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Inspiration Dress of The Week!

Don’t be alarmed if you see me without much on my bottom half, like so, in the spring.  I’d love to see this dress in a baby blue or pale pink and matched with some sweet little ankle socks and strappy heels.

From Karla Spetic