Young Mary’s Record Holidaze: Part Two, Christmas Fetch

In honor of the impending holiday delights/doom - Young Mary’s Record had a few of our favorite stylish folks come in to dress to impress for the remaining celebrations of December, and 2012 — including The End of the World, New Years, and of course, Christmas.


Please enjoy the photographs provided by the talented Justin Blodgett of Justin Blodgett Photography.  And special thanks to our Christmas Couple, Kelly Keith Fritz and Sir Kyle Sanders.

Rule: Christmas is the most nostalgic of all the holidays — so ALWAYS add a little vintage.


RULE: Sometimes, the best accessories are the ornaments.


RULE:  Christmas is an annual reminder that “red as red can be” lipstick is just plain beautiful. 


RULE: A well-fitting vest and a blazer on a man is always classic.  Just classic.


RULE: If everything with the Mayans and all that was all befuddled and our existence come to untimely end on Christmas, you’ll never regret looking more “attractive” on this holiday than “cheesy Christmas sweater” — Always go out dressed like you’ll be buried in what you’re wearing.


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On My Radar: Modern Giant Design

On My Radar is a series dedicated to all the little wonderful things that musicians/artists/creative folks in general do everyday to keep themselves in our minds and hearts.  Today’s “On My Radar” post is dedicated to Modern Giant Design of Macon, Georgia.

Jason Frost started his design and screenprint company,  Modern Giant Designs,  in 2010.  Like so many designers in the field, it was simply a spare bedroom space space, a table top printing press, and a laptop.  Now, with time and energy, the company has grown and created numerous design creations for a variety of clients including the design above (my personal favorite!) that was previously paired with text to promote the Crossroads Writing Conference.    I like it standing alone as an art print, don’t you?  Print some of these and get ‘em up on Etsy!

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Used Book Heaven @ Historic Railpark and L&N Depot

The once-annual Macy’s Used Book Sale is happenin’ right now at L&N Depot.  Tables and tables filled with new, older, and classic titles (and a diverse selection to boot) in both hardback and paperback.  There were all sorts of gems and it’s the exact type of junker’s dig situation that I love.  (To be noted, Aaron excels at these type of situations even more than me. )  Hardbacks are $1.00 a piece and paperbacks are .50 !  Deal central.  Some books that I coveted (or bought) below:

Coveted.  Super cute to add to a shelf in a little cowboy’s bedroom.

Bought!  Couldn’t pass up the cover of this huge book on Greek history.  I think I’m going to frame this book’s cover and make a paper wreath out of the contents.

Coveted.  This was in my pile for a while, I changed it out for a picture book on Studio 54.

Aaron’s find.  Coveted.  (Yes, that means this baby is still out there..possibly.) 

Aaron’s second find.   I don’t know what DIY project could come out of this scene, but I think it’d have to be a special space.

I just appreciated the weirdness of this cover.  I don’t know if anyone will get this— but to me, this looks like the cover of one of the Mrs. Pollifax series titles. 

Not only did I purchase the Greek History book and Studio 54 picture book, but we also got some other books including one that will be included in my Valentine’s Give-Away.  I bought a paperback bio of Katharine Hepburn I’ve had on my list for a year.  3 books filled with documentary photography.  Aaron bought “Rickenbacker” the hardback as an homage to his love of the guitars - even though this Rickenbacker was a war hero and merely the cousin (or something?) to the actual guitar designer.  All the purchases were under $10 total AND the proceeds go to support SOKY Bookfest.  Win-win.

The book sale continues tomorrow and Sunday and is open from 7am-7pm each day!  Get over there and get your read on.

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