Inspiration Dress of The Week!

Don’t be alarmed if you see me without much on my bottom half, like so, in the spring.  I’d love to see this dress in a baby blue or pale pink and matched with some sweet little ankle socks and strappy heels.

From Karla Spetic

Better Preparing for 4th of July 2011

I’m a sad American when it comes to my red, white, and blue wardrobe.  All I had to wear that wasn’t too painfully patriotic yesterday was a white v-neck shirt with some stars and stripes on it that I bought from Old Navy a couple years back.  I think if I was even wearing the outfit that some child was forced to model above, I’d still be doing better. 

I decided to see if I could find some classy 4th of July goods from back in the day.  Next year, I think I want to host a dinner party for the 4th and I want us all to wear classically American vintage goods and use vintage dinnerware and everyone read a passage from the Encyclopedia about their favorite part of American history. 

For such an event:

Vintage Avon earrings.  $4.50!  Available from Ecrater.  Perfect accessory.

This doesn’t SCREAM the 4th of July unless you know its the 4th of July.  Nice nod to the skyrockets in the sky, methinks.  $42.  Available from Etsy seller, Marie’s Vintage.

Vintage 60s Red, White, and Blue pumps. And in my size!!  $42 from Etsy seller Nick and Nessies.   I could pair these with —not the dress above—but definitely a navy blue pencil skirt and white blouse.  Or even short-sleeved cardigan. 

Vintage cake stand!  For sweet little cuppy-cakes or anything of that nature!   From the Tea Corner, $34.95.



Vintage red/white/blue and some splashes of yellow tablecloth.  So much fun!  Available from Etsy seller Call Me Jasper, $59.  I want to buy this for my regular everyday table, honestly.

Tomorrow, Aaron and I are heading around town to do some junk-storing before he goes to work.  Let’s hope we find some goodies.  Oh— and belated Happy Fourthy!