YMR Favs: 6 Instagrams That We Love in Our E-life

Social media is like the wish from the genie that you can’t take back and you always wish more carefully in the future.  That being said, Young Mary’s Record is fully aware we RELY on social media heavily to continue spreading the word of our website and projects, and in turn, the fantastic people we hope to promote. 

As Facebook rollercoasters into becoming a boyfriend that we love, but aren’t IN love with — “not being the Facebook we fell for in the beginning”  — “selectively listening” — “taking us for granted” — “poking us, not poking us, poking us - no consistency” — we at YMR have taken on a rebound.  And it’s Instagram. 

Below is a list — part of our YMR Favs series! — of Instagram users that YMR follows (and you should, too!) that have truly made this winter have a little more wonder to it.  Oh and — you can always follow US on Instagram, too - search “youngmarysrecord” to find us!

*Full Disclosure: There are about 20 more Instagram users we love right off the top of our heads — but this list was compiled from the most recent photos in our feed!*

IG Name: foxandfawn


Who It is:  Vintage store in Manhattan.    Posts their most recent and unique wares along with the price - and if you’re not a New Yorker, you can by-golly call in with a credit card and pay shipping and it’ll arrive at your door. 

Why It Rules:  Even if you’re balling on a budget, it’s a great IG to follow because it’s like window-shopping through your phone.  And if you do have a little cash — their prices are as diverse (Most in the $10-$80 range) as their goods — today alone I saw an 1920s Chinese silk robe, a Wayne Newton t-shirt, and a 60s angora/cashmere cardigan. 

IG Name: ashleed


Who It Is:  Ashlee Jackson — Chicago native and photographer — a friend of gavin_ellis — YMR was introduced to her great IG prior to the birth of SuperNova — who we’ll talk about in “Why It Rules” below.

Why It Rules: In addition to having beautiful photos period — Ashlee and her husband (jeremyejackson ) have been documenting their family life and the journey of Nova, their sweet daughter who was born prematurely after surviving TTTS - Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome.  In addition to Nova, there’s also Xavier - the cute-as-can-be older brother and Aurora, Nova’s twin who passed away in the womb in this family picture. The biggest reason I I love this IG is   Ashlee is so honest — there are good days and bad days, and some that started out one way and end the other — you will feel immediately along for the ride and so invested in Nova’s future, the family’s future, and their story. Follow her. Be moved. 

*As Nova keeps fighting (there are other health battles to overcome as a result of being born a premie) - you can follow their story not just on IG, but on Facebook, too  HERE and can even help by donating money to their campaign HERE which will help fund the family’s fight, finance treatments and raise awareness for TTTS.*

IG name: the katvond


Who It Is: Kat Von D - the Mexican-American tattoo artist made famous by the reality show, LA Ink .

Why It Rules:  She lives a cool, fabulous life and appreciates and often times introduces us other fantastic artists, designers, jewelers, musicians, and more.  She doesn’t just post celebrity fluff.  Also, great tattoos and her own sketches often featured - and (mildly inconsequential, but may matter to some) she also now bangin’/datin’/marryin’ deadmau5.

IG Name: samanthabalk


Who It Is: Samantha Balk — vintage store owner, stylish, blogger, OWNS milkmaid braids — met her momentarily while we were browsing around at Randolph Street Market’s Holiday Market in Chicago a few weeks ago.

Why It Rules: Posts of beautiful vintage outfits in lovely styled photographs mixed with everyday posts of good-timing.  Part of the point of following others on IG is (regardless of whether we all admit it or not) checkin’ out who’s having the best life and samanthabalk looks like she’s got it goin’ on.   Oh!  And duh!  Check out her Etsy store HERE, where you can trade her money and then you’ll be able to receive and wear some of the fabulous clothes IRL.   Now that’s some e-commerce we can get behind.

IG Name: pranaphoto


Who It Is:  Scott Kaplan, jack-of-all-trades type, with photography as his main thang.  Another nudge from gavin_ellis — while YMR was in the Mississippi Delta on tour with thebearsofblueriver — we noticed that Scott was also there photographing and posting his fantastic, it’s-like-you-were-there inducing photos.   That’s when the IG follow of pranaphoto and we sure aren’t leavin’ anytime soon.

Why It Rules:  Kaplan is a traveler (like us!) and you never know where he’s going to turn up (like us!) and he is fond of off-the-beaten path (like us!) as well as appreciative of the simple, easy things (like us!).    Basically, we hope he’s our friend in real life sooner than later.  Or he starts contributing to us.  Unlike us, we probably can’t afford him, though. 

The official Prana Photo site is HERE.  Take a look-see.

IG Name: danielleelisbartley


Who It Is: Danielle Elise Bartley, former WKU student that was on the edge of our social circle, but we haven’t met.  Tons of mutual friends,  Louisville inhabitant now. 

Why It Rules: She’s beautiful.  Her pictures are beautiful.  It’s art in regular life, really.  A little cinema verite to it.   Clothes, music, bars, food, going to and from.  She’s not trying to be anything but herself, but thankfully, herself kinda rules.  Simple as that.


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In Photos : Young Mary’s Birthday Bonanza & All The Beautiful People

I was privileged enough to host a birthday bonanza and show at the Buffalo Rodeo home earlier this month — and more privileged to have so many wild and beautiful friends.  Oh, and that the talented photographer Justin Blodgett was there to capture them for me. 

Why YMR loves this:  He IS Fall.  It’s almost as if he and Nature talked about their outfits before they went out.

Why YMR loves this:  His expression, followed by realizing he’s holding a glass of bee…water?

Why YMR loves this: Her face is naturally beautiful.

Why YMR likes this: Backward ball cap.  And these are troubled youth, surely.

Why YMR loves this: It was my birthday!  I’m holding the beer, not because I drank any, but because it matched my outfit.

Why YMR loves this: Suspenders. Patterns. Marlee’s (right) jacket. Style Icons, the both of them.

Why YMR loves this:   Their whole LOOK.  The sweet couple behind Buffalo Rodeo.  

Why YMR loves this: Everyone should be less afraid of mixing brights and just wearing them in the winter!

Why YMR loves this:  No kidding, this guy is one of my favorite dressed men in this old college town.  And he’s also a super-talented member of Morning Teleportation.  Great style comes from great brainz.

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