10 Reasons to See Bears of Blue River: (At Tidballs, Saturday, $5)

1. Genre, you ask?  Bop Folk.

2. Their singer, named Gavin, totally looks like a Gavin.  Approval of cool name matched with cool look.

3. This great song of theirs showcased in grainy YouTube video , the best live videos are just real, aren’t they: HERE.

4. They are playing with BGKY locals Canago.  Canago is also, insanely talented.  No other band in the world has made me like singing “Australia” more. 

5. What better place to support than Tidballs?  I’ve been to quite a few cities and quite a few dives, and none has the heart that is right here in our Bowling Green. 

6. This is the cassette release (serious throwback time) for Bears of Blue River’s “DAMES” album.  And….

7. The release comes from a new local “boutique” label — The Residual Stacks Recording Company — we got some fearless folks working hard to do cool stuff.  Support them, dang it!

8. This costs $5.  You impulse purchase shit everyday at Speedway that costs more.  At the end of your life, do you want enough speedway points to get a large cola or to have seen a lot of sweet ass shows?

9. Jackie Clarkson , who takes THESE beautiful photos and the one of Gavin above, will be there and I bet if you look cool as shit, she’ll take your picture and we’ll post it on this blog.  Similar to this POST.

10. Bears of Blue River is the EXACT type of band to support if you are a big supporter of working hard and independent music.  They’ve put in the time and effort that so many musicians could learn a lesson from.  They’re in it for the long game and that is amazing.