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  Hot Yoga Bowling Green

I will be the first to tell you that I don’t work out.  I don’t like to run.  If it was socially acceptable for me to ride around in a wheelchair, I just might.  But even thought I’m a non-athletic human — that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate it in others like Aaron.

Aaron went to Hot Yoga a couple times earlier in the year and is absolutely hooked.  We have been waiting for the Christmas season to get some sales and buy him a membership.  Tony and Anice Bishop, the Yoga momma and daddy of Hot Yoga, are kind, engaging, and helpful — I consider them to fall under the category of people that I instantly considered friends.  Frankly, they broke stereotypes for me about what people in the “exercise” business are like — I expect brawn over brain and alot of judgmental glares — you’ll get none of that at Hot Yoga.

Hot Yoga is great for your body (sweatin’ the living heck out of the extra holiday calories) and great for the mind.  I think Aaron enjoys it because he physically sees the sweat.  Results are dripping off of him before his very eyes.  

When I went to the classes, I enjoyed it for the mind/relaxation.  Just having the moments to myself on the mat before class in the quiet dark heat of the room altered my attitude for the day.

So, gettin’ to deals!  From Hot Yoga Momma herself via Hot Yoga Facebook:

SALE at Hot Yoga Bowling Green … Wednesday 11/23, Friday 11/25, & Saturday 11/26

All accessories — 25% off. All clothing — 40% off. Advocare & PowerPak — 25% off. Class cards, 1 & 3 month unlimited — 20% off (corporate discount not included).

Gift Cards Available!!!!

My suggestions?  If you aren’t ready to take the plunge just yet for membership, I suggest trying out a class — Get a gift card for the value of classes for you and a friend. Or a combo of a 1 month membership, mat, and yoga gear to start out 2012.