On My Radar: Wanda Jackson + Justin Townes Earle Pairing

On My Radar is a series dedicated to all the little wonderful things that musicians/artists/creative folks in general do everyday to keep themselves in our minds and hearts.  Today’s “On My Radar” post is dedicated to Wanda Jackson.

There’s alot of things I think Jack White gets right - but bringing Wanda Jackson back into the direct periphery of the music industry, and  even introducing her to some first-time listeners of younger generations is quite high on my list of his great decisions. 

I met Jackson at her record signing hosted at Third Man Records a couple years ago when White had just produced and released The Party Ain’t Over — she signed my 7’ inch single — “Rock On!” — and I have been a little bit enamored with her ever since.    She is the type of 76-year-old kick ass woman I aspire to be.  Hell, she’s the type of 76-year-old person I aspire to be.

Since then, I met Jackson a second time at her gig at Marathon Music Works - the darlings at Print Mafia created a now-sold-out gig poster for the event - and she was the same brilliant, polite, and personable woman I had met a year before. 

And now, she’s paired with Justin Townes Earle to release a country album, Unfinished Business, and ta-da! video above of the standout track, “Am I Even A Memory.”  Hit the video and enjoy some Wanda Jackson with your Monday, from my radar to yours.

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Starry Nights Nudge: Wild Belle

Sometimes people know what they need to do and why and they just wait and wait and wait and then they just don’t.  Ya get me?  Don’t have that attitude this weekend.

Starry Nights Music Festival is happening ——> see their nifty ad over there, it’ll take you directly to their site.   They’re organized.  They’ve streamlined their line-up to the point that you CANNOT complain about who they’re bringing - every act is dang good.   And last, but certainly not least - *pause to put on nerd glasses* - are you aware that this totally helps the local economy?   But for real.

If that ain’t enough for you - I’m going to be posting a “Starry Nights Nudge” every day this week - a little EXTRA reason (as if the ones above aren’t enough) to put your time and $$ into this fantastic event.

Today’s nudge: Wild Belle.

Details?  Brother + Sister collab (and you know how much I have an affinity for those, Jack..White..cough) - folky, smoky, and catchy.  Former Vogue band of the week.   Watch this video of them at Coachella and tell me you’re not hooked - oh and once they’ve got their claws in you - go nab those Starry Nights tickets.

Piqued My Interest: My Blue Star - A documentary on the (in)famous Hasil Adkins

My family is from West Virginia.  When I watched the fantastic documentaries Dancing Outlaw and The Wild and Wonderful Whites, I always wondered if some of my bloodline swirled around in the bloodlines of Jesco, and Mamie, and Sue Bob.  Deep down in my soul, even though I walk around batshit sober, don’t I often want to shake my ass like them, and down a shot of moonshine, and holler drawled obscenities at the moon, at God, just like The Whites?  Don’t most of in the South look at ourselves in the mirror with absolute love and…disgust?  A loving disgust.

Film maker Ron Smith contacted me recently about his project, My Blue Star.  And after viewing the trailer, many of those same emotions (And cameos from Jesco and Mamie White!) came.  This film is about Hasil Adkins — someone I hadn’t headr of, obscure to me — but who, after just the few minutes of a Youtube trailer, I’m VERY interested in learning more about.

A musician who inspired The Cramps and is known as The Godfather of Psychobilly, Ron has taken the time to gather clips from notable musicians like Hank III and Scott H Biram, and Dex Romweber, to name a few. (Nod of acceptance to Ron for Dex’s inclusion, LOVE him.)

Oh, and lucky for me, when I turned the laptop around and showed this to my dad — he said “West Virginia?  Adkins?  You’re related to the Adkins!” — Finally, all my urges to wear cut-offs and cuss and beat the hell out of any drum set I see may finally be just genetically who I truly am.

Watch the trailer below!

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