Get Your Shop On: Little Details

Junking around the area this week, I snapped some photos of some of my favorite “little details” items.  To me, it’s little things like this that ultimately complete the decor of your home — the things that you don’t immediately show off (the new surround sound, or ikea couch), but rather that your guests discover on their own.

4 sweet little coffee mug — $6 for all four!  VIA Junkyard Gypsies — a favorite place of mine for gift getting— their ‘half-off’ sales just continue to lure me back and back again.

I don’t want to admit that I didn’t buy this because it’s so cute.  I have this *thing* for the little weird stitched scenes or sayings.  And also, what is that by the Bowling Green dot — corn?  grain? wheat?  Via Junkyard Gypsies, and $4! 

Scooting down to Labold and Sons — Ben took a long hard gander at their tray of turquoise jewelry offerings.  I could kick myself for not taking a better close-up photo (I was off busy browsing the clothes myself!) but she has a range of sizes in the rings and just a ton of beautiful pieces. 

This old puzzle was my favorite new quirky cute thing in Labolds!  (And there is alot of unique in there, so it was tough competition.)  The personality of Danielle (owner) is what makes this store more than just a place to shop.

I have to be feeling this energy to go to Grandma’s Attic.  A willingness to dig.  There’s a ton of stuff, always, and it is hit or miss.  You can find everything your little heart desires or nothing.  I liked these little kitties — as “not vintage” and “could-be-in-a-badly-decorated-home” as they are. 

I loved the vibrant colors of this as much as the soldier.  And generally have a *thing* for those circular water bottles.   Plus, I’m pretty sure this thing was priced way under $10.

My next “Get Your Shop On” post will be “Cute for the Loo” — stuff to decorate your bathroom.