Other People’s Places : The Sanders Homestead

Other People’s Place is a blog series dedicated to capturing all the beautiful, strange, wonderful things that other people have in their homes.  In my travels, I have been lucky enough to enjoy the hospitality of so many sweet people who share my love of making their house a home.  Enjoy!

Earlier this summer, I joined my good friend and future “The Pop Cult” contributor Kyle Sanders to his parents home in Eminence, KY for the Kentucky Renaissance Fair.  (See my post in Go & See & Do on Renaissancin’ HURR.) Not only was it a beautiful home on the exterior, but I was enamored with his parents modern decor and furniture pieces inside, in addition to so many precious accessories.  It was clean and classic, but also comfy and communicative of their awesome personality.  Two steps in the door, I saw their expansive butcher block island complete with fresh peaches, seen above.

Brilliant red telephone with longggggggggg cord.  Modern technology can sod off, I promise I’ll have one of these in my future kitchen.

Mix and match textiles and dishware.  Loved how all these patterns interacted.

Den.  I love their exposed beams and I love the baskets hanging from them.  Also, check those sweet black and whites on the mantle.

Simple, smart pieces.  And gorgeous dark wood floors.  I LOVE them floors!

Kyle’s father made this brilliant tool board.  Organizers around the world, praise him.

Kyle’s mother had a station for her grandson Thomas to paint and all of his masterpieces neatly organized.  Great grandmas and moms around the world, praise her!

Beautiful distress bench by their white picket fence AND you can see their wicker swing in the background.

The drought hadn’t been friendly to their yard - but something about it was still so aesthetically …perfect to me.

Thanks to The Sanders for their hospitality and looking forward to my next trek to Eminence!

Worth the Trip: Kentucky Crafted


My mother is easy to buy for.  She’s like me.  errr….. I’m like her.   We like beautiful things and a huge range of things can fall in the “beautiful” category.  For her birthday last week, (Happy Birthday, mom — you are literally better than all my friends’ parents!) - I gave her and my dad two tickets to Kentucky Crafted. 

Hosted in Lexington, KY, Kentucky Crafted is an annual market that showcases the work of talented residents of our lovely state.  Their products range from traditional to contemporary and included small items like books and home accessories to big scale furniture pieces.

My dad snapped some pictures of some of their favorite pieces on display and sent ‘em over to me to post.  Reports from both my parents said the craft fair was well-organized, well-attended, AND well-worth the tickets.   And it benefits our home state’s artists and crafters.  Win. Win. Win.

This was just the start - there was amazing furniture, prints, books, art - enough that my mom and dad wandered around for 4 hours.  Great event and worth more attention.  To get your shop on at Kentucky Crafted next year and support locals! — their official website is HERE.