Gatewood Galbraith Wore Hats Well


Hearing the news of politician/lawyer/author Gatewood Galbraith’s passing today in Kentucky was a very sad thing.  My friend Marianne (of Odd Job Fame - she really oughta get back into that…) sent me a link to the Courier Journal’s web slideshow of Galbraith through the years — and I couldn’t help but notice a) how happy Galbraith’s perennial presence in our state’s politics sometimes made me and b) that this man KNEW how to wear a hat.


Yep, that’s Gatewood Galbraith on the left and the darling Humphrey Bogart on the right (in Casablanca) — I’m not suggesting the sex appeal of Bogie is within Galbraith’s reach, but damn, can’t both these guy wear the heck out of a hat!?


Hat! Hat! Hat! Hat!  Sure, Galbraith’s hats aren’t extremely varied in shape, style, size - but that’s okay.  There’s something to be said for consistency in your wardrobe when it comes to wearing something properly.  Who cares if your jeans are a great wash with great detailing if they are the wrong cut?


Gatewood Gailbrath, regardless of his sometimes-wild political stances, is a great example of never giving up.  He didn’t have to win to make waves in the political climate (not just state-wide, but nationally) on topics like marijuana legalization and education reform.  Another interesting tidbit: he was endorsed by the United Mine Workers, the first time the union backed an independent.

The last photo up there is of Gatewood and Willie Nelson (who has trekked to Kentucky to support campaigns) Obviously there is no hat on Galbraith’s head, but I just wanted to show an example of how NOT to wear a hat in this post, too.  How high, how high! was Willie’s stylist that day?

Rest in Peace, Gatewood.  You will be missed.

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