Young Mary’s Gift Guide: For Jet-Setters

I’m pretty sure I’m not exactly a “jet-setter” because I don’t board jets very often.  I mostly board vans.  Or cars.  Vehicles that drive long hours on the road.  That being said, I do think that as far as the holiday gift-list categories go, I most often covet things on “jet-setter” lists because plane or no plane, I still like to go.  A whole lot. 

I have put the pedal to the metal at the end of 2011, and expect to push even harder through 2012.   So, I thought compiling my own jet-setter wish list might be inspiring to other people that want to go, but just haven’t.  Shopping inspires.  I’ll admit it.  Haven’t you ever bought an outfit because it was perfect for an occasion that hasn’t exactly happened yet?

1. Where I’ve Been Scratch Map, from Fred Flare, $25  

Been nowhere?  Even more inspiration to this thing!  A map that you can scratch off to reveal the places you’ve visited.  I imagine that this is a great conversation starter when you have guests over, as well as a reminder of how “worldly” you may be becoming.  And only $25!  Super sweet.

2. Wagan Jump-Starter with Air Compressor, from, $67.59

Aaron’s parents bought him one of these last year and it is wonderful!  Not as pretty as an airplane pillow for your neck or an ornate wine and cheese tray, but worth every penny.  This guy can jump your car, air your tires, and has charger spots for up to two plugs and a USB.  Phone dying, but also desperate to keep your GPS charged?  Plug one into this and de-stress.

3. Vintage Carry-On Bag, from Etsy, $35

Vintage carry-ons are much more easy to find and afford than full luggage sets.  I bought a green set at a thrift store for $10 that included a matching rectangular train case (which I carry all my makeup and toiletries in) and a larger attache-type case (which I carry our laptops and magazines, chargers, and assorted cords.) 

4. Sparrow Key Ring and Wall Mount, from The Container Store, $14.99 each.

One of the worst feelings in your gut?  Everything is packed and ready to go and you have no way to start the car.  I’ve been looking for a super sweet key wrack for awhile—and these DO strike my fancy.  One car gets red bird, one car gets green bird.  Simple, right?  As long as we actually hang them in their houses when we walk in the door.  Theory.  Works in theory.

5. Vintage French Perpetual Calendar, from Etsy, $14.95

Why buy calenders every year, when you can get a perpetual one that lasts a lifetime?  And how cute is this little french one!  It also has a pencil sharpener underneath!!  I may just have to get it.  The price is right and I will bump up my french language skills, as least for the days of the week.