Worth the Trip: Kentucky Crafted


My mother is easy to buy for.  She’s like me.  errr….. I’m like her.   We like beautiful things and a huge range of things can fall in the “beautiful” category.  For her birthday last week, (Happy Birthday, mom — you are literally better than all my friends’ parents!) - I gave her and my dad two tickets to Kentucky Crafted. 

Hosted in Lexington, KY, Kentucky Crafted is an annual market that showcases the work of talented residents of our lovely state.  Their products range from traditional to contemporary and included small items like books and home accessories to big scale furniture pieces.

My dad snapped some pictures of some of their favorite pieces on display and sent ‘em over to me to post.  Reports from both my parents said the craft fair was well-organized, well-attended, AND well-worth the tickets.   And it benefits our home state’s artists and crafters.  Win. Win. Win.

This was just the start - there was amazing furniture, prints, books, art - enough that my mom and dad wandered around for 4 hours.  Great event and worth more attention.  To get your shop on at Kentucky Crafted next year and support locals! — their official website is HERE.