My New Favorite Hang-Out: BG Pipe and Cigar

Another one of those things that I can thank Matt Pannell and Buy Local BG for — acquainting me with Bowling Green Pipe and Cigar.  The eternal non-smoker, I went to meet him downtown to talk shop at the smoke shop and was amazed by how happy I was in the environment.

Were there lots of dudes? Yes.  (There were women, too, less of them, but COOL women.) Smoke? Yes.  And was it the least bit uncomfortable? No.

There were drinks, and comfy couches and chairs, and a beer club meeting.  Familiar faces and unfamiliar faces that were approachable and keeping it cool the way cool is supposed to be.

Aaron bought a new pipe and tobacco. 

I shot the shit with various local folks on everything from music to politics (locally and beyond) to art and literature. 

I didn’t want to tell you about it.  I wanted to keep it a secret.  But it just isn’t fair.  Go have a few drinks, take a smoke, and visit this place.  Young Mary Approved, Endorsed!

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