Hipster House Show! Pros & Cons

(Above: The Black Shades)

NOTE: This list does not apply directly to the most recent house show I attended, but was inspired by all or many.


* Cheap, effective entertainment.  House show bands, regardless of their musical prowess, are usually great showman.  Energy is THERE.   House shows are either free or under $10.

* Comfortable environment — it’s like being at home — ‘cuz it is.  How often is there a couch or big recliner in a venue while you’re watching a band?  Pop a squat once your heels have rubbed your toesies raw. 

*Easy social situation — many opportunities for comment with strangers.  Possible topics include:

— ridiculous shit outfits hipsters are wearing

— the temperature : hot as shit in house, cold as shit outside

— (for smokers) : smoking

— (for non-smokers): drinking

— (for non-drinkers): pop culture


* Do not expect quality sound.  Do not expect near-to-quality sound. Do not judge the performing bands on this less-than-quality sound.

* Parking always sucks at house shows.  Unless it’s a field party show.  That’s a whole different list.

* It is almost-always DARK as shit and you are disoriented and you end up with pictures like this where you look like you don’t know how to use a camera and Questlove’s cousin is over your shoulder gettin’ real annoyed by your flash: