Worth the Trip: Soda Gallery//Dallas, TX

The Soda Gallery, tucked neatly in a quirky little row of shops in Dallas, is one of my must-stop-ins when we head Texas-way with the band or otherwise.  Mixing the bubbly refresh that is soda pop and the bubbly aesthetic that is pop art — The Soda Gallery is a brilliant business model and so rewarding for it’s customers.

The store carries over 200 varieties of soda — some are from different countries, some are throwbacks, some just plain odd —an example is Cele-Ray, a celery-flavored drink.  You can purchase a single soda and browse the gallery pieces or you can mix and match your own six pack.  (We go for the six pack everytime and gift it to a hard-to-buy-for friend!)

The gallery pieces, as I mentioned, are often pop art and on every trip, I’ve seen pieces in all different prices ranges, all of which I wanted to scoop into the truck and back to Kentucky with us. 


Also, even if you haven’t hydrated yourself enough to need to..tinkle…consider poking your head in the bathroom.  The wall is covered in soda pop labels/stickers from all over and worth a gander.  It’s a piece of art in itself, really.


If you’re roaming through Texas and especially Dallas, take an afternoon thirst-quencher at Soda Pop Gallery.  Go.  You’ll thank me.