Young Mary Weekly Itinerary

This week is awesome.  There is no way to put it that sounds hip, so that is just how it shall be.  To help everyone deal with the overwhelming buzz of BG, I have compiled this Young Mary itinerary to help you cope.  And also, let’s be honest.  Facebook events are as effective as a poke, anymore.


DAYTIME: Go To Labolds.  It is where everyone cooler than you (and maybe you!) shops.  Spring has done up and sprung and you have two choices: look like you took your outfit off the mannequin or look like a fly-ass human. 

DAYTIME: Go to Great Escape Records and Comics.  Buy Pre-sale Tickets for $10 instead of $12.   We are the GROUPON GENERATION.

NIGHT-TIME: YB Music Co-Op Fundraiser = Tidballs.  Buffalo Rodeo (can’t we all just start calling them Buff Rod or the Brodeo boys like I do?  Catch on, people!), Fatbox, and Canago.  All-star line-up.  $5.  21+ 



DAYTIME: Get your pre-debauchery on at Bowling Green Pipe and Cigar.  Best kept secret downtown.  This is not a just-the-dudes suggestion.  There is something smokin’ hot (see what I did there?) about a lady and a cigar.  They also are just good for conversation and people-watching. 

DINNER-TIME: Get your eat on at Molly Shannon’s Irish Pub.  Not only is it LOCAL, GOOD SHIT- nom, nom, nom - but if you eat between 5-9 this week, 10% of sales go to Hope Harbor.   Hit the event: HERE.  ( A little side note: you know how I found out about this?  From the lovely Sarah Arnold while at BG Pipe and Cigar.  Just sayin’  — that’s where the news is.)

NIGHT-TIME: I know I seem like I have a Tidballs bias- well guess what? I do.  If you don’t like Tidballs, you can suck it.  On Thursday, one of my favorite touring bands on the verge of a break-through, The Hollywood Kills will be returning.   Just back from a tour with crowds like this turning out to see them:


I tweeted about their good news a bit back:

impending success = proof that talented, hardworking, and GOOD people still make it.

That’s not just twitter-pandering, either.  I mean it.  These are good guys.  And they’re sexy.  And they have great music. 21+.  $5.  Welcome that back to the USA- I bet they got a whole lot of poutine in Canada.


DAYTIME: Peel yourself from sofa.  Put on pants. Blunder down to Spencer’s Coffeehouse and get your day started.  You’re going to need caffeine for the weekend.  They posted some of their scones on FB.  Have. A. Scone.

*Also - the Spencers bulletin board (yes, back there by the bathrooms) is chock full of posters and shiz promoting some really good, not dumb (and some really bad, so dumb) events.  It’s worth a gander.

NIGHT-TIME: 7:30pm.  Sam Bush returns to BG.  What I’m interested in?  (Yes, Sam Bush is great.) Barren River Trio as the opening act.  Bowling Green — you better be payin’ attention to these folks.  You’re missin’ the boat.  Skypac tix = $22.50 for the cheap seats - but I promise you the environment and sound and show will be worth it.  This is our brand new SWEET facility - use it!

NIGHT-TIME:  The Bears of Blue River (abridged, with Maggie and Gavin) return to Tidballs w/ Plastic Friends & The Instruction.  $5.  No holler.  (I just love that saying.) 21+.  Black Belles pre-party.  I *think* I will have some swag to give away at this and if you’re coming in for the weekend from out of town, this is your chance to make friends with the people you’re going to be boot-bumping with on Saturday. …I meant that literally and figuratively. Meow.

*Additionally, The Bears of Blue River will have limited-edition tapes to release of their album, Dames. Sincerely fantastic album (listen and then, buy : here)— They are putting this out with a new local label Residual Stacks - and even though they’re not one of our local babies, they have the same talent, drive, and good attitude that BG knows how to respect.  Welcome them with open arms.  This is their year.


DAYTIME: Revolution 91.7 Sponsors The Pooch Pageant.  If cute little doggies running with all the energy and life in the world don’t fix your hangover, WHAT WILL!  1pm.  FREEZIES.  Go check out the nifty dogs and if you feel the need, roll around on the ground and eat some grass.  All proceeds go to Hildreth Adoption Center. 

DAYTIME:  Succumb to sports.  Tune into UK vs UL - get a good layer of sportsy-food in your belly and get the blood pumpin’ with a nice rivalry.  Oh, and be proud of your state. 

NIGHTIME: If you don’t know about this - or you know about this and don’t come because of a piece-of-shit reason, it will be a sad day for Bowling Green:


NIGHTIME: The only reason that is not a piece-of-shit reason to come to Young Mary’s Records Presents The Black Belles is if you are seeing The Lost River Cavemen.  And yes, I think it is feasible to do both.