On My Radar: Cage The Elephant hits 1 million fans

On My Radar is a  Young Mary’s Record series dedicated to all the little wonderful things that musicians/artists/creative folks in general do everyday to keep themselves in our minds and hearts.  Today’s “On My Radar” post is dedicated to Cage The Elephant who, in celebration of crossing over 1 million fans on Facebook, posted this video of frontman Matt Shultz dancing to Lil’ Wayne.

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In Photos: Starry Nights Music Festival

Young Mary’s Record was lucky enough to have the wonderful, wonderful, wonderful eyes of Nashville’s own Jackie Osborne from Jackie Osborne Photography on the ground at Starry Nights Music Festival.  Please enjoy her photographs, as well as the feedback from a variety of show-goers and musicians about their time at the festivities.

Happy crowd.

Describe the type of crowd at Starry Nights.
I’ll just list some adjectives: hippy, druggie, open, chill, young, adventurous, friendly. - Danny Fritz, festival goer.

 Buffalo Rodeo. 

Best Over Performance? : I thought the energy for the Buffalo Rodeo show was genuine and really put the festival in motion, for me. - Haley Cade, festival goer.

Jeff The Brotherhood.  They’re on the stage somewhere.

The Kingston Springs.

Manchester Orchestra.  Young Mary’s Record found out exclusively that MO wouldn’t be climbing the rock wall and doesn’t like heights.

Moon Taxi.  If you haven’t seen their bumper stickers, they’re brilliant.

Technology Vs. Horse.

I acted like a fool the entire show. Granted, there’s nothing unusual about that but to do it in front of so many people was different. This was probably the largest crowd we’ve ever played to, and we did well in front of them. I wouldn’t say it was perfect, but I would say it was just right, like Goldilocks’ third bowl of porridge.

- Michael Farmer, frontman TVH, pictured above.


The entire festival felt like a success from Friday on. The feel was amplified by the amount of stuff to do besides go listen to music. So many fests claim they are music and arts, but Starry actually stepped it up in the arts section, where other festivals don’t. Having things like capture the flag and hot air balloons really helped add to the feel. - Nate Morguelan, festival-goer.

Cage is the obvious choice for the best overall performance. They never disappoint, especially when they’re so close to home.  I can’t even begin to describe the change in the crowd as soon as Matt Shultz stepped on stage. The crowd was insane, almost riot-like. Every single person around me sang along, some even cried while singing just at the thought of Matt Shultz crowd surfing our way.  - Versie Parker, festival - goer.


Canago Craig.

Tyler Watkins, Margot and The Nuclear So and Sos.  I’ve been following this guy on Instagram for about two-three days now and he has a LOT of cool eyeglasses and sunglasses.  Just FYI.


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Starry Nights Nudge: The Kingston Springs

Today’s Starry Nights Nudge - very comparable to The Colbert Bump - is Nashville’s The Kingston Springs.

The Kingston Springs, I’m assuming, are from Kingston Springs, Tennessee.  If they are not from Kingston Springs, Tennessee - then, they should pretend to be. It is a little burg West of Nashville that calls itself a “picturesque bedroom community” - and a place to get away from it all.  (Maybe I spent a few more moments than I care to admit looking at their little city website.)  Which begs the question - Are The Kingston Springs, with their name, paying homage to this town - or are they really trying to get the F away from “the place to get away from it all?”   If it’s anyplace like where I grew up (See my post on the World’s Largest Apple pie under Go&See&Do.) - it’s probably a mixture of both. 

While their Facebook page suggests their inspiration is merely “catfish” - a bottom feeder, yes, but oh so delicious and enjoyable — I could see people automatically calling them Black Keys-y (isn’t that every band these days?), but I moreso find The Kingston Springs to be a few years and one Jack White collab away from Cincinnati’s The Greenhornes, especially in the video below ; rock n rollers, little bit of jam, nice backing vocals and an element of fun. 

The Kingston Springs are not only playing Starry Nights this weekend, but will also will be hitting up MPMF (sweet pals of this blog, as well) - a Live on the Green performance next week, followed by some touring in the region including dates at all the indie-band haunts like JJs Bohemia and Preservation Pub.  Party time.  Excellent.

Oh, and also!  They’ll be releasing their self-titled debut on October 2nd.  And Young Mary’s Record is lucky to have a copy to give away!  We’ll give you more details on the give-away very soon and you can also expect a Q&A with TKS and Young Mary’s Record from this weekend’s festivities.  Yes, we’ll ask them why their album wasn’t called “picturesque bedroom community” instead.

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