Best Fests: 5 Questions with Stucky Music Fest’s Rebecca Sales

BEST FESTS is a Young Mary’s Record series dedicated to festivals -large, medium, small, tiny - that showcase artists, musicians, and create an undeniably enjoyable environment for their festival-goers.  This post is dedicated to Kentucky’s Stucky Music Fest.  We are very excited to introduce you to the beauty and brains behind the newest kid on the block - Festival founder Rebecca Sales!

(future site of Stucky Music Fest at Park Mammoth Resort.)

Young Mary’s Record: Who are ya — and what is this crazy project you’ve taken on? Tell us first about the big event, Stucky Music Fest!?

Rebecca Sales: I, Rebecca Sales, Coordinator of the Stucky Music Festival (May 17-18, 2013), am a local music enthusiast, who has spent a many of nights at Tidball’s having my face melted off. The Stucky Music Festival is a two day camping festival that is hosting 25 bands that are in some way affiliated with the Southern Kentucky music scene.

YMR:  What inspired you to found and work on this event?

RS: Stucky was the brainchild of a group of friends conversing one summer night in 2012. The topic of conversation was how lucky Bowling Greeners and surrounding areas were to have such an influx of talented musicians. A lot of memorable events in my life have spawned from this luck. It occurred to us that it would be great to get some of the local bands together to play and what better place to do that than in a field surrounded by their friends. The thought stuck with me and so we started looking for a home. It was the day Park Mammoth Resort gave us a home that I knew that we could make Stucky something special. Park Mammoth was also very interested in helping make this as green as possible and I felt that this was very important. Soon after Son Rhea became the chosen charity because of the great work that they do for the community. I am inspired by the artist of the community and their mission allows that to continue to flourish.

(Sales is a big lover of the outdoors — and for green initiatives and is channeling both those things in her work on Stucky.)

YMR: To promote and fund-raise for the big event - you’re hosting Little Stucky Fest at Spillway Bar and Grill  this weekend ! Tell us about the line-up , the times, the cost , and how this benefits the larger event.

RS: The Little Stucky Fest is being held at the Spillway to help fund-raise for the festival. It is very daunting when looking at what goes into putting on a festival, there are so many cost associated with each detail and they stack up quickly. When I realized the actual cost of the fest, I knew that in order to make it a success we would need to do some up-front fundraising.

The Spillway has a wonderful stage and are continually promoting local musicians. It was a good choice for us because we have similar interest. They are providing the location and letting us take up the cover and do a raffle. The bands got on board as soon as they knew what we were doing. They are the real sponsors of Stucky. The work that they are doing to help make these events successful, it is my belief that they also love the community and wanted to give back. The Little Stucky Fest lineup is great because it is eight out of 25 bands that will be playing at the actual Stucky Music Festival in May. If you were not already ready for Stucky then this event will wet your taste buds just three months before the actual event.

2/15/2012 (Friday)
8:45 - 9:30 Whiskey Angel
9:45 - 10:30 Plain Jane
10:45 - 11:30 Mahtulu
11:45 - 12:30 The Hungry Ears

2/16/2012 (Saturday)
8:45 - 9:30 KIC
9:45 - 10:30 Lines in the Sky
10:45 - 11:30 Opossum Holler
11:45 - 12:30 Technology Vs. Horse

YMR:  How is Stucky choosing the performers for the events?

RS: I had thought that getting the local talent to dedicate their time to this event would be difficult and I was so wrong. There was so much response from the local musicians that I quickly knew that future events would have to be based on submissions. There are so many bands that I could not get on the stage that would bave been a great addition to the festival but there just is not enough time to get everyone on. It is my hope that we can extend the festival in future. The bands that are on the lineup were the bands that got in touch with us early on and became a part of the Stucky community. They have spread the word and helped us build this festival. Two drummers (ironically) were very influential on our festival, Matt Devore (Opossum Holler, Thee The The, The Barren River Troubadours) and Chris Smith (Canago), have been a sounding board for me throughout the planning process. They have helped organize the festival, given advice on everything from here to there, and without their help, Stucky would not be happening. Matt and Chris did a lot of the grunt work, talking to bands and letting me know who I should get in touch with. They are both from bands that have a strong following and are great supporters of other bands and musicians. All of the bands on the Stucky bill are dedicating themselves to growing an already booming music scene and know that these events are celebrations of the bands, fans, and venues that make the scene prosper.

YMR:  How can non-musicians get involved?

RS: The best help that anyone can give is to spread the word and come out to support local music. If you are interested in getting more involved we need needs volunteers! Volunteers is what is building this event but it is not just planning, we will need a horde of people during the actual event to make it run smoothly. Get in touch and we will find a job that works best for you. Also, if you happen to be an artist and would be interested in vending we are looking for green and homespun goods for the festival.

To get a sampling of the Stucky experience: come out to Spillway Bar & Grill and hear some fantastic musicians and be a part of the community.  The official FB event is : HERE

The official website for tickets is: HERE

The Stucky Facebook page is : HERE


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IN LURVVVVVVVVEEEEEE: Jessica Sue Crafton & Nathan Davis


(brilliant photos by: brilliant Justin Blodgett)

IN LURVVVVVVVVEEEEEE is our SPECIAL VALENTINES STYLE SERIES! All of us at Young Mary’s Record want to admit it: we love…LOVE.  Underneath our critical sassy exteriors we’re totally a bunch of heart-thumpin’ saps.  Sappy photographer Justin Blodgett.  Sappy hair-make-up extraordinaire Ali Townsend.  Sappy style icon/assistant Benjamin Brooks.  Sappy Young Mary.   Sappy Danielle Labold of Labold and Sons Vintage who provided many of these beautiful clothes!  It takes a sweetheart-ed village to create a look!

We’re very excited to introduce to you today’s style couple: Jessica Sue Crafton and Nathan Davis. 


(brilliant photos by: brilliant Justin Blodgett)

Nathan had a little bit of modern-day Shirlock to his look.  Swarthy.  Vintage green military jacket layered over an oxford shirt, tie, and vintage navy blue blazer. 



(brilliant photos by: brilliant Justin Blodgett)

Sans overcoat.  Light blue/grey trousers.   Grey tie nods to pants.  Love the trim on this jacket!



(brilliant photos by: brilliant Justin Blodgett)

Total babes.  A non-style rule of Valentine’s is: ALWAYS MEET YOUR BOO WITH BALLOONS.


(brilliant photos by: brilliant Justin Blodgett)

Gorgeous Jessica — yellow vintage straw hat (just nabbed this baby from  Flea Land’s antique mall for $6!), blue striped sweater dress under vintage red-patterned vest from Labold and Sons’ Vintage!   We also kept her dark, dangling earrings to pull the gaze under the brim of that hat and onto Jessica’s face. 



(brilliant photos by: brilliant Justin Blodgett)

Love the horizontal stripes on Jessica’s long, pretty frame.   I like the masculinity of the vest (it’s a little boxy with its corner and square pattery) and the masculinity of the boots paired with the form-hugging dress and those yellow fishnets. 


Want to look like these babies?  Check out our sponsor, Labold and Sons Salvage - you’ll find everything you need..and more! 

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DO: Send a Valentine to A Child

Go, See & Do is a Young Mary’s Record series dedicated to “getting out there” in the all senses of the word.  We’re big believes in continuing to learn and expand as we think that’s how we’ll stay YOUNG.  Today’s DO is a heart-warmer and takes little time and little effort.  Thanks to Stephanie Alderdice for sharing this and tipping us off.


Through, you, me, and everyone we know can (and should) send a sweet valentines to one of the young patients at Arkansas Children’s Hospital!    You can pick from three different quirky designs, add your first and last name, and then add an individual message.  It is suggested that your message be focused on Valentine’s and not be a “get-well soon” or “religious” message and we LOVE that.

On our Valentine’s, we added some kid-friendly jokes and let our patient know that they were being mailed all the way from Kentucky!  One of our jokes:

What did the Valentine say to the stamp?

Let’s stick together and we’ll go places.

To send a Valentine of your own, hit the link HERE

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