Better Preparing for 4th of July 2011

I’m a sad American when it comes to my red, white, and blue wardrobe.  All I had to wear that wasn’t too painfully patriotic yesterday was a white v-neck shirt with some stars and stripes on it that I bought from Old Navy a couple years back.  I think if I was even wearing the outfit that some child was forced to model above, I’d still be doing better. 

I decided to see if I could find some classy 4th of July goods from back in the day.  Next year, I think I want to host a dinner party for the 4th and I want us all to wear classically American vintage goods and use vintage dinnerware and everyone read a passage from the Encyclopedia about their favorite part of American history. 

For such an event:

Vintage Avon earrings.  $4.50!  Available from Ecrater.  Perfect accessory.

This doesn’t SCREAM the 4th of July unless you know its the 4th of July.  Nice nod to the skyrockets in the sky, methinks.  $42.  Available from Etsy seller, Marie’s Vintage.

Vintage 60s Red, White, and Blue pumps. And in my size!!  $42 from Etsy seller Nick and Nessies.   I could pair these with —not the dress above—but definitely a navy blue pencil skirt and white blouse.  Or even short-sleeved cardigan. 

Vintage cake stand!  For sweet little cuppy-cakes or anything of that nature!   From the Tea Corner, $34.95.



Vintage red/white/blue and some splashes of yellow tablecloth.  So much fun!  Available from Etsy seller Call Me Jasper, $59.  I want to buy this for my regular everyday table, honestly.

Tomorrow, Aaron and I are heading around town to do some junk-storing before he goes to work.  Let’s hope we find some goodies.  Oh— and belated Happy Fourthy!

BG Antique Mall Finds! SWEET.

The Flea Market in Bowling Green is bearable for me about once every 6 months.  However, the Antique Mall attached to the Flea Market, I believe, could be a bi-monthly occurance.   Here are some great, quirky, beautiful things.

This is my Passer’s Remorse for the day.   This was a stack of promotional KY and surrounding area “travel” pamplets produced by Standard Oil.  SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT THESE.   They were very neat.  At the very least, had some great Kentucky imagery and neat information and Aaron could have quite possibly even used some of these images for graphic design inspiration, too.  Crap.

Probably not vintage, but still a cute little decoration for the Holidays.  Christmas in July, anyone?  I am going to make a vow to get all my Christmas decor this year, the hand-me-down way, with the exception of lights and the tree.  Hold me to it!  I want to get all my ornaments by finding them, individually, through whatever means. 

Adorable autograph book.  It was in an enclosed case, who knows—maybe it was filled with old movie stars’ signatures. 

Well, if this isn’t self-explanatory of why it piqued my interest, I don’t know what is.  I wonder if one day Aaron will write sheet music with this title.

I could write an entire post (and probably will) about my obsession with “apothecary” cabinets.  Essentially, cabinets full of little tiny drawers that were used to organize medicine or herbs back in the day.  I kinda wish I’d gotten this little thing because it was only $30, but I am saving up for some other costly things, like EUROPEAN VACAY.

Adorable, vintage pantent leather baybay shoes.   I was going to get these for Ivory and I remember seeing a recent photo of about 30 pairs of shoes that this little baybay already owns and I felt I should go another route.  But aren’t they cute?! 

I will be posting more on The Power Couple about our day, what Aaron and I ACTUALLY purchased, and some not-wild-nor-beautiful things we saw on the Flea Market side of things. 


I met Daniel Ipock this weekend at a bike/tattoo rally hosted by Cherokee Tattoo in Madisonville, KY.  According to Daniel, he’s one of very few pure blooded Native Americans, more specifically from the Black Foot tribe.  And he absolutely looks the part. 

He is, whether he knows it or not, exhibiting with this look a prime example of rudimentary/overzealous color-blocking.    One block of red in his shirt and pants, and one block of black and blue in his shoes.    Below is a snazzy example of some color-blocking on some manz on the runway.    I particularly enjoy the color-blocked blazer on the left.