Accumulating My Rockabilly Wardrobe

Aaron has been digging on a ton of rockabilly music lately, and we’ve been browsing some rockabilly festivals.  I realized that, in the event that we do go to one of these festivals, I needed to look the part.  I love the form-fitting style that rockabilly clothes follow, as well as all the busy prints, and endless flair.  I feel like if I don’t want to wear vintage roller-skates as shoes for my outfit,then the outfit isn’t complete!

Here are some goodies I’ve found in the rockabilly vein this week:

$53.99.  Available at Modcloth.  Love the zipper at the bust.

$76. Go a little Mary-Tyler-Moore-Billy with these capris.  Available from PinUp Girl Clothing

$224.99 Oh, if only I was made of money. Vintage, great condition.  So. Red.  It looks glamorous, but I can imagine rockabilly-ing it up with some major jewelry and even some gloves and some cat-walk heels.  Available from Jambalaya on Etsy.

$69.95.  Yes.  I think any heels this high—6 inches— need to have that nifty ankle strap for a little more support.  Rawr.  Available from StarletsandHarlets.

$15.  Back seam stockings are a must.  And I LOVE the tassel detail.   Available from My Diva’s Closet

$63.  A little out of my price range and maybe a future DIY topic of interest, but I love veils.  And a rockabilly fest WOULD be a great chance to incorporate one seamlessly into my outfit.  Available from ETSY.

$30.  And there you have my roller-skates.  Minus some fake tattoo-age and hair product, I’m on my way!  Available from Ecrater.