Pretty Thangs Round-Up: Labold and Sons Vintage!

Pretty Thangs Round-Up !  Last Saturday, I went to pay my debts to society…shoes to the lovely Danielle Labold — did you see our vintage lot we snagged from her as a Christmas gift to ourselves?  Size 7.5, narrows, lovely vintage condition, with boxes!  These were in the lot and we JUST recently wore this pair out to Lucero!


Now — onto more of the pretty thangs that are still at Labolds for the takin’ :




Bangles! Jangles!


Bags! This rad Doctor’s Bag is one of my favs.


Perfect and Precious sleeveless Maxi!  Get it with Spring in mind, ladies. 


American Revolution Bicentennial Swag Bag.


Dressing room asks - “Who children are these?” Not mine!


THE BEST, MOST WONDERFUL THING: Vintage, Dee Cee brand denim overalls.  LURVE LURVE.


Selfie with the beauty that came home with me.  Perfectly creamy white - glitter bauble details, extended collar. 

Want to amp up your wardrobe with pretty thangs like these?  Scoot on down to Labold and Sons Vintage - for their hours, info, and to keep up with neato posts of things in the shop: get at ‘em on Facebook: HERE.

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Behold the Beauty: Parlor on Main’s Ali Townsend

Behold the Beauty is a Young Mary ‘s Record series dedicated to creating and maintaining beauty.  Part of living the good life is feeling beautiful and we are big believers in beauty as you see fit, but also in getting to that beauty the best, healthy, and most fly-as-hell ways.  Today’s Behold the Beauty post is dedicated to Ali Townsend, one of the very talented stylists of the snazzy Parlor on Main.

There is not much I like about January besides my annually-rejuvinated psyche.  Isn’t it strange how New Year’s Eve — this occasion of a little glitter, obligatory kissing, over-priced drinks  and under-sized dresses  — can suddenly clear your internal cache?  January 1 rolls around and it’s still just slop weather outside, but on the day (If hungover, replace January 1 with January 2.)  — you suddenly are revved and ready to take on those gloomy clouds and the whip of the wind like this is your second chance at life, like you can finally LIVE. 

Well, that happened for me, as per usual, on January 1 of this year.  In my multi-facted resolution, I wanted to essentially (through various means) live a better life and try to maintain more balance.  And through that, and with the help of this blog keeping me accountable for things I say I’m going to do — I started to evaluate myself, what I needed to do better, what things I needed to take care of.  And one quick look in the mirror revealed - there was no way around it — my hair needed to get straight-up handled.

Exhibit A:  My hair at my birthday party 

Let’s address a few things here other than the fact that I’m wearing a silly party hat to accessorize my head.  Thing one — the top of my hair (by the part) is a completely different color than the bottom of my hair. Thing two — the bottom of my hair is not a vibrant red , like my coat for example, but rather a faded, sad little red.   Thing three - there is an obvious line where my roots end and my faded dye job begins.  This ain’t no faux hombre, as much as I tried to validate it with that.

So, I called up Ali.  And on Monday, marched myself right down to the sweet Parlor on Main.  And can it get cuter!

The Parlor on Main is tastefully decorated in a hip, modern look that would totally get pinned and re-pinned on Pinterest.  Vintage/thrift chic and makes you feel a hair trendier (puns for days) from being inside, but not like you don’t belong there — just like any good salon should.  Ali chaired me up and it wasn’t long before the process to handle my hurr began.

To spare you all the play-by-play of getting my hair from drab to fab - I asked Ali to contribute some tips for Young Mary’s Record that would be useful on an everyday level.   Have you seen Ali?  Look at her!  You wanna look that effortlessly beautiful?  Heed her words!

TIP 1: Wash hair at the scalp.  Concentrate mostly in that area and condition just the end of the hair.  Rinse conditioner out with cooler water - this helps close the cuticle of the hair and creates a healthy shine.

TIP 2: If you use leave-in conditioners, only spray the product onto the mid-shaft and ends of the hair.  Use a large-tooth comb to distribute the product.

TIP 3: If you want a big, smooth blow out — invest in a round brush, either vented or metal or boar bristle.  The size of the round brush needed depends on hair length.  Use your best judgment or consult a hairdresser.

TIP 4: NEVER turn the round brush at the scalp.  Work your way up to the scalp area.  If you turn too close to the scalp, you can tongue the brus or apply too much tension to the hair.

Those tips are just the start from Ali.  She was dropping ridiculously knowledgeable things about maintaining hair, make-up, nails, the whole she-bang throughout my entire salon experience.  After overhauling my roots (be gone!) and adding a gloss, and drying, Ali showed me how to do both loose waves and vintage waves with a curling iron on my newly “edgy Nicole Kidman” ginger mane.

One of the many things I retained on this front — when curling your hair, wrap the iron on the middle of your hair first, then get the ends second — and lastly, when you pull the curling iron away - do so horizontally from your head.

And voila!  Yes, go ahead and scroll up and see the trainwreck that was my hurr before and then come back down.  It’s just lovely.  I can’t believe I love hair so much that’s actually on my head. It helped my ego that when I posted this as a teaser on Facebook, a friend commented:

Do you want your hair to werq, too?  You can do so by hitting up Ali: HERE — or via phone at (270) 904-4191.   You can also meander over and like The Parlor on Main: HERE.

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Etsy Roundup:

My Etsy store is slowly but surely gettin’ packed full of sweet vintage goods!  I’m adding new stuff as often as I possibly can and am loving much of the feedback and interaction I’m getting with other vintage lovers!

Here’s some of the items up for sale currently.  Hit my etsy store: HURR - to browse and buy, buy, buy!

Gorgeous Light Pink Trench.  Lined.  Perfect for Fall and with layers underneath, winter!  Look fab even in the rain.

Anchor Sweater Vest. Layer it or not, it’s still sweet.

Sheer black and white party dress. Party. Party. Disco. Disco.

Diane Von Furstenburg slouchy sweater.  Obsession.

Zipper front. Tie waist.  Red gingham dress.  Cannot do this dress wrong.


One more link to my etsy store: HURR.