TORNADO DAY

1. Thank God I completed Season 2 of Downton Abbey before PBS pulled it from their website….and before the wind carried me to my death.

2. Jim Cantore was supposed to be in Bowling Green!  Who spread that rumor!?  (The same person that is claiming Robert Plant is movin’ to town…can someone confirm that?)  I’m watching Jim on The Weather Channel right now and he’s in Jeffersonville, Indiana!

3. For the love of God..whatever happens… don’t take Tidballs from us. 

4. I can:

     -decently code a website,

     -app the living hell out of my phone,

     -easily use all 3 remotes and the wii-mote flawlessly to change from all the      outputs on my hdtv, blu-ray, and nintendo.

      …but I can’t understand WTF a weather radio really is, how to work it, or why I need one.

5. And now, The Weather Channel is showing Mike Bettes (Jim Cantore’s second hand man?) in Nashville, TN.  News is like my sports.  Is it wrong that I’m feeling butthurt that the Weather Channel is ignoring our city of Bowling Green, KY?  Do they not know we’re the new Seattle?

6.  Accidentally just clicked “google+” instead of “google” when I was going to search “how do storm chasers get paid?” and as it turns out, nobody on google+ has mentioned this storm at all.  Might be because nobody is on google+.

7. “How do storm chasers gets paid” on google lets me know that …well..many of them don’t.  Tornado Tim wrote this blog: HERE — as it turns out, I think storm-chasers are like musicians — it takes a long time and alot of love to transition from part-time to full-time.

8. Chris Allen’s blog does not mince words.  (Let me clarify that I do enjoy Chris Allen and think that he is keeping it real.)

9. This tornado, the equinox, planetary gravitational forces, God, witchery, or anything else have NOTHING TO DO with you standing up your BROOMS.

10.  I can think of at least 10 weather events that absolutely ruined my day as I fought to get to WKU for class.  Frozen or sopping wet.  And today, dismissed smiling students wandered down from the hill, swinging their arms in the warm wind, hair-blowing in braids, greeting the overcast sun and waving.

Joking aside, please be careful and safe.  Don’t be idiotic.  Stock up on Lunchables, flashlights, and good attitudes.  And also, please post your “storm shelter party” pics and weather photos on my facebook page: HERE.

PS. It is sick, sad and true that if I saw a tornado in the distance, I would pray to god that my Instagram app didn’t freeze up.