Young Mary Eatz: Pizzereal - Nashville, TN

(As you know, Aaron is in a band called The Black Shades.  I stumbled upon this restaurant one night prior to them playing a venue called The 5 Spot in Nashville, TN.  Please see The Black Shades tumblr, for more info on all the cool gigs they’re playing! They’re everywhere!)

Pizzereal, plain and simple, was an absolutely pleasant addition to our most recent journey for a Nashville show.  Before shows and near venues, bands (and their awesome girlfriends/pseudo managers) can run into some slim pickings when its come to getting a filling and delicious meal.     Pizzereal, for us, was the answer.  A stone’s throw from Nashville venue The 5 Spot, I suggest this place to all of you musicians out there, or anyone fiddling around in the Nashville area with a hankering for pizza, kebobs, more…or as their sign boasts, “to relax, enjoy…, nice!”


Aaron, Brandon (also known as Octajohn), and I ordered a large pizza with half feta cheese, half bleu cheese, and garlic and pepperoni all over.   I also ordered a greek salad as a starter, and at the suggestion of our server, had the house dressing—delicious!  Everything is made from scratch and without the use of heat lamps, and my palette thanks them.

The total cost of our meal was approximately $18 for the pizza (divided 3 ways between us) and $3.75 for my salad.  Completely affordable for a very nice (and still low-key) date night or family dinner. Or, as I previously suggested, a haven for all you band boyz and girlz playing The 5 Spot.

We’ll be back, Pizzereal. 




TASTE: 5/5


LOCATION/CONVENIENCE: 5/5 (Location in comparison to The 5 Spot, parking in area available.)